YORK RI Winter Championship 2017/18

The Club championship for the 2017-18 season will be controlled by Dan Staples and the dates
for the rounds of the Club Championship are set as follows :

Round number and Date (always a Tuesday)

1.	3rd October 2017

2.	24th October 2017

3.	14th November 2017

4.	5th December 2017

5.	9th January 2018

6.	30th January 2018

7.	20th February 2018

8.	20th March 2018

9.	10th April 2018

The following are the house-keeping rules :

The normal F.I.D.E. rules of chess apply.

Any player who cannot play on a scheduled date must inform one’s opponent and play their match on a date before the date of the next round.

Any match not played in a round by the weekend before the next round is deemed to be won by the player who was available on the scheduled
night of the round for the match.

For Round 9 the deadline is the third weekend after 10th April 2018.

Any player who does not turn up for a match on the scheduled night and who has not informed their opponent (who turns up on the night),
will be deemed to have lost the match for that round.

Any player who fails to turn up for a match without informing their opponent, on a second occasion will have to be withdrawn from the Club

The Controller will be available on every scheduled night of the tournament to give out the pairing cards for each participant and he will
collect all the results at the end of the night.

If any match is played on a night later than schedule, the result must be reported to the Controller.

All results must be in by the weekend prior to the next round.       

Any dispute on any game must be reported to the Controller and his decision will be final.

Competition Controller is Dan Staples.