York Evening Chess League 2016 AGM Minutes





Howard Brears, Paul Johnson, Neil Pennock, Steve Whitehead, Bob Maltby, Stuart Acton,
Robert Moneagle, Paul Masiak, Ewan Miller, Adam Ismail, Richard Hardy, Paul Barber,
Ryan Hargreaves, Adam Precious, Richard Allis, Peter Cloudsdale, Simon Dixon,
Herbert Lockwood, Neville Pearce.

The Meeting was preceded by a minute's silence in respect of Richard Jessop who sadly
passed away shortly before the meeting.  Four league players attended the funeral.

Noel Stewart, Benn Moor (in Benn's absence as the Chair, Stuart Acton agreed to chair 
the meeting as the Vice Chair).

Should read that Stuart Acton, not Richard Allis, took over from Benn Moor as Vice Chair.
With this correction, Neville Pearce moved that the minutes of the 2015 AGM be approved,
Peter Cloudsdale seconded, and the meeting agreed.

There were no matters arising.

a. Secretary
Howard Brears provided a narrative report on the 2015-16 season, apologising for not
providing a written and e-mail report due to PC and printer problems.  The meeting was
particularly asked to note the following:
Appreciation of the assistance of the preceding Secretary, Paul Johnson, in his first
season as League and Fixtures Secretary.
Thanks to teams and captains for ensuring fixtures were generally fulfilled and played
in the spirit intended, with the one exception of the logistical problems around the 
Scarborough B v RI Cavaliers Plate Semi-final which was eventually played as a 4 board 
match and a subsequent EGM discussed possible changes to the Constitution and Rules.
Thanks also to teams and captains for generally submitting result promptly.  Results 
were often not sent on the official match form, but by text, e-mail, etc.- suggest the 
rules need updating to reflect IT etc. which has moved on a bit since the rules were 
last re-written.
Apologies for not being able to get all of the trophies engraved before the meeting, 
partly because of working away from York during the latter part of the season. 2 were 
also not returned until the AGM because of the location, and the engraver was away in 
France until the day of the AGM. Also the winners of 2 of the trophies were not decided 
before the AGM.  Secretary promised to chase up earlier next year, possibly arranging 
return of trophies during last round of league matches. 
Peter Cloudsdale asked the meeting to thank Howard for his work during the season.  
Howard indicated that he is willing to continue as Secretary.

b. Treasurer
Herbert Lockwood submitted the accounts to the meeting and drew attention to the following:
He had been treasurer since 1986. Suggest time for someone else to fulfil the role, 
although would continue for 2016-17 if required to find a successor. 
The league made a small loss this year which was about the same as the previous year in 
terms of both amount and items of income and expenditure.  The league is still financially 
healthy with reserves over £2,000.
Peter Cloudsdale had spent money on school equipment and support of York & District Teams 
on the 4NCL (Mark White is 4NCL team captain).
Peter Cloudsdale proposed that the accounts be accepted, Neville Pearce seconded, and the 
meeting agreed.
c. Junior Chess
In Noel Stewart's absence, Peter Cloudsdale reported:
Junior chess had not had many attendees on Tuesday nights.
A one-day event was held at Archbishop's Junior School in September 2015 with 87 attendees.
Another event is planned this September with training from James Adair GM and a lady from 
As noted in the Treasurer's Report, 5 schools had been provided with 6 boards and sets.
Dan Staples is running a 'Chess in Schools' project involving tuition given to pupils which 
is run by Malcolm Pein GM in London.
Richard Hardy mentioned that there was a session with 20 teachers to introduce chess to 
children and left a leaflet with a course to go through.
York Library also has 'Chess in the Library' on Sunday afternoons which is not very well 
The league needs to continue the promotion of junior chess and noted the continuing 
improvement in the league of James Dessent and Ewan Miller.

d. Chairman's Report
Stuart Acton thanked all of the officials for their work done, in particular the Secretary 
Howard Brears and Treasurer Herbert Lockwood as well as the events organisers.
Thanks also to Robert Moneagle for his work on the website which is going well and up to date.
Members are requested to send things to Robert to put on the website.
Neville Pearce thanked Stuart Acton for coming and chairing the meeting at short notice. 

Evening League Division 1 - University First
Evening League Division 2 - RI Super Knights
LTKO - Minster Inn 1
Plate Competition - RI Cavaliers
Dave Hardcastle Trophy (for contribution to York Chess) - Paul Johnson, proposed for his number
of years' service as Secretary by Howard Brears, and agreed by the meeting
John Morris Trophy - most improved player report not available on Chessnuts at the AGM date.
Jon Griffith would ensure report run ASAP.

Chairman - Benn Moor (continuing)
Proposed by Bob Maltby, seconded by Stuart Acton
Vice-chairman - Joel Wagg (taking over from Benn Moor)
Proposed by Peter Cloudsdale, seconded by Stuart Acton
Herbert Lockwood to continue for 2016/17, look for successor next year
Proposed by Howard Brears, seconded by Stuart Acton
General and Fixtures secretary - Howard Brears (continuing)
Proposed by Peter Cloudsdale, seconded by Stuart Acton
Junior Chess Organisers - Peter Cloudsdale, Adam Ismail and Noel Stewart to continue.
Proposed by Stuart Acton, seconded by Neville Pearce.
Newsletter Editor - no nominations, but meeting agreed Robert Moneagle to continue as website editor.
Additional Officers - Bob Maltby (Brigantes) and Simon Dixon (Scarborough) to continue, Benn Moor 
to replace Joel Wagg (University) following election b. above. Ewan Miller proposed as a younger
Additional Officer by Peter Cloudsdale.
The meeting approved all of the proposals.

No proposals had been submitted with the required 28 days' notice, so discussion on some of the issues
arising was curtailed.
EGM suggested later in the year (November?) to discuss some of the ideas from the EGM, etc.

Representatives indicated their clubs' intentions to field teams as follows:

Club                 Division 1              Division 2
Minster Inn(X)          2
York RI                 2                       2
Terriers                1                       1
Brigantes               1 (Thursday)            2 (Monday) 1 (Thursday)
University              1                       2
Scarborough             1                       2

Total                   8                       9

X The AGM was advised that as at date, the landlord and landlady of Minster Inn were leaving, so the
teams may be Minster Inn or an alternative venue.

Howard Brears to send out Entry Forms for return in early August.

Peter Cloudsdale provided the meeting with the York (RI) Chess Club Child Protection Policy and
advised that it is a legal and insurance requirement and also to have a named Child Protection Officer
(the RI CPO is Noel Stewart).  The meeting debated whether it is the league as an entity or individual
clubs which have to have the Policy and named CPO(s) and favoured the latter, but that the Policy as
is be put on the website for clubs to adopt, pending further discussion.

The meeting also discussed the loaning of players which has happened to enable clubs to fulfil fixtures,
including, but not exclusively, Scarborough.  Agreed OK if done within the existing rules and spirit of

Howard Brears
League and Fixtures Secretary
June 2016